We Eat Pure

Why fresh!

Because ΜΟΝΟ when it’s fresh, it is
more enjoyable
more healthy
more delicious
more nutritious
and much more difficult to make,
this is why, we do it every day, every hour, every moment!

Raw materials

Authentic Mediterranean tastes,
pure raw materials, real taste!

The enjoyment of MONO is not random:
We begin with Traccia. A dough, of our own recipe, that is constantly kneaded inside the shop.
Fresh carefully chosen materials. Rules that are religiously kept, recipes
that are renewed in order to continuity respond to the most demanding customers.


"Traccia", our dough!

a yles en

Making dough is an art that our grandmothers and grand fathers developed and continuously improved for many years.
ΜΟΝΟ was created in order to continue this tradition into the future, by developing and harmonizing both the taste and the new eating habits of the consumers.
We work every day for you to enjoy fresh, healthy and excellent products,
with the ‘’base’’ being the dough, and the ‘’top’’... the taste!

Products for everybody, who believes that he deserves the best!

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